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Drummer, producer and composer Mariá Portugal (Quartabê, Arrigo Barnabé) presents her first solo, which brings part of the creative process of her first album, to be released in 2019. The concert, as well the album, beginning entirely from improvisation about her own songs.  Always with a different group of improvisers. Paulo Braga (piano), Joana Queiroz (clarinet, bass clarinet and voice), Filipe Nader (saxophone), Rui Barossi (double bass).

06.09. 21h30.  imprô opens. estudio bixiga (sp)

07.09. 21h. + joëlle leandre and thomas rohrer. estudio bixiga (sp)


Games, improvisation, exploration and play are signatures of the trio formed by Flavio Lazzarin on electrified drum kit (SP), Cadós Sanchez with his linha do tempo II (SP) and Flora Holderbaum on violin and voice (SP). Flavio Lazzarin, drummer, improvisor and composer from greater São Paulo engages in experiments with his amplified drum kit. Cadós Sanchez, born in São Paulo, is an inventor of stories, games, installations, objects and instruments all of which aim to explore, through sound, all other languages they come into contact with. Flora Holderbaum brings violin and voice together with movements of the body: gesture, sound and space, extended vocal techniques, beats, micro voices, are some of the elements she brings to the fore.

07.09. 20h. estudio bixiga (sp)



For the first time in Brazil the french double bassist and vocalist Joëlle Leandre is a free jazz legend. Her discography is as long and as impressive as her list of collaborations with artists such as Merce Cunningham and John Cage. She has performed with some of the world’s leading jazz musicians, including John Zorn, George Lewis and Anthony Braxton. 

07.09. 21h. + thomas rohrer and mariá portugal. estudio bixiga (sp)

08.09. 17h. solo. estudio bixiga (sp)


This quartet blends punk, free improvisation, electronics and Brazilian music with a host of other ingredients. Marçal takes her powerful voice beyond conventional song forms, Rohrer explores the rabeca outside of traditional regional settings and tests the range of the soprano sax. Takara’s take on percussion and electronics make him one of Sao Paulo’s most inventive contributors to the city’s experimental scene, while Dinucci brings plurality to his guitar playing in approaches that range from punk to samba and beyond.

07.09. 22h. estudio bixiga (sp)


An unprecedented meeting of guitars promising a dialogue between the differing sonic approaches of Nanati Francischini (SP), Luiz Galvão (SP), Christopher Mack (SLD) and Lello Bezerra (PE). Nanati Francischini is a guitarist and performer interested in possible subversions of bodily-instrumental relationships and the association of ordinary objects with the electric guitar. Luiz Galvão is a guitarist, composer, arranger and improvisor. Lello Bezerra is a guitarist who makes use of harmonizers to generate deep subs, high and low frequencies, reverse loops and musical forms with sudden cuts and changes of mood. Christopher Mack is a Scottish guitarist and improviser who comes from the DIY scene in Glasgow, his approach stems from exploring alternative tunings.

08.09. 19h. estudio bixiga (sp)


bella; was born in Rio de Janeiro, lives in São Paulo.Her work is to erase the boundaries between sound and space through a performance focused in imperceptible movements of reality. Bella has developed projects exploring the relations between physical and conceptual aspects of matter and sound. She works frequently with collaborations, relating sound with dance, visuals and multimedia arts.

13.09. 21h.  + mette rasmussen . estudio bixiga (sp)

15.09. 15h.  sound experiment for children  - sesc 24 de maio


SPIO ORQUESTRA explore the world of anthropophagic transculturation blending ethnic elements and cultural hybridism. Electronic apparatus combine with invented instruments and orchestral instrumentation in expanded approaches, guided by an orchestration that results from their own method of conducting “Blade of Fluency” - a pillar of their new work. Formed in 2011, they returned to activities at the end of 2017, bringing together musicians and sound artists from a range of trajectories and styles in addition to artists from other disciplines that include dance, poetry, and the visual arts, among others.

13.09. 22h. estudio bixiga (sp)



Her ability to move between the often strict confines of genres and explore the elements is on full display throughout. In solo affairs as well as in collaborations, she has encapsulated her own personal vision of the role of the saxophone, often turning it into a complete physical experience. Embracing her audience with sonic altitude and prolific melody lines, rocketing a more prosaic stem. Her performances ties together audience and artist, and embodies the energy between the two.

12.09. 21h. solo. audio rebel (rj)

13.09. 21h. + bella. estudio bixiga (sp)

14.09. 22h. + rakta. estudio bixiga (sp)


Duo consisting of Rômulo Alexis (Trumpet, Flutes and Voice) and Wagner Ramos (Drums and Electronics) 
 who conjugate the sonic verb of the African diaspora through experimentations in Free Jazz
  and Free Improvisation, developing zones of sonic intensity and a dilation of the signs of blackness - sonic, vocal, physical, polyrhythmic, and polyphonic codes, that have spread throughout the world in a flux marked by expropriation, genocide, slavery and, above all, resistance and invention. For this performance they will be joined by Paola Ribeiro on voice.

14.09. 20h. estudio bixiga (sp)



Formed by Carla Boregas, Paula Rebellato and Mauricio Takara, Rakta  sound is difficult to define, it is a mix of Post Punk, Psychedelia, Experimental Music and Kraut Rock. The group has 3 Lps, 5 compact discs and several cassette tapes that have been released in Brazil, USA, Germany, England, Spain and Japan. They have already played in all these countries besides Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Great part of Europe.

14.09. 22h. + mette rasmussen


The passionate and creative Saxophonist, Angelika Niescier is firmly anchored in the European and transcontinental music scene. The bandleader and composer has created a genuine style of her own unifying both: unusual, modern compositions and intensive improvisation.She has an unstoppable desire for artistic development and exchange, which made her musical journey rich on inspirational encounters with musicians all over the world. Arthur Decloedt is a double bassist, producer and composer. He currently spends his time creating soundtracks for cinema, TV, theatre and dance while actively participating as a double bassist, composer and arranger in the new independent scene for songwriting and experimental music in São Paulo. 

14.09. 21h. estudio bixiga (sp)

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